Thursday, August 2, 2012

#7 On Writing

I'd have to say this book is my all time favorite summer reading. It actually relates to writing and I related to it on a teenage level. I heard that Stephen King actually gave the right for other people to write books for him. Well hopefully he actually wrote this one. This book should totally stay on the summer reading list. For my last post on this book i'd like to talk abour IR, " 2nd draft = 1st draft - 10%", and the fact that writers don't think about every detail they put in their book. Firstly he said tht when writitng we always think or some person that we want to impress while writing, and he calls this person his ideal reader (IR). If we come to the fact that we're writing for somebody besides ourselves then it'll help us take the right direction with our story. second, is the equation that I listed above. I really need to follow this rule because I always overwrite while writing essays. I think that no one will undertand me so I end up adding all these descriptions and it just ends up being too much. I just need to maybe start my story from a different angle so I dont have to do that. Lastly, I remember in sophomore year when we were reading Lord of the Flies and how we were looking at every darn thing and saying that they were all different symbols. Well in On Writing he says that most writers don't even think about that stuff. And that they dont make a book JUST for a certain theme or symbol. At school we look into things too critically in my opinion, but that's what schools for to strip away the book till we've understood every little detail.

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