Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#9 Catcher in the Rye

Why does he call everyone a phony! or his other favorite word "goddam". So far in the book a stand out point was when he hired a prostitute! Omg what're they making us read in school. But gladly he didn't actually sleep with her, I mean still the thought of him even hiring one is so bizarre. He's a very bad influence too he smokes and drinks 24/7. Maybe that's why it's good we're reading the book so we ourselves can point out the bad and good things ones does. It's that reverse psychology. At first i thought that Holden Caulfield (finally found out his name) was a self-absorbed narcissist but he really is a paper dragon. Which means he's all talk pretty much. The word he uses is to be "yellow". For instance when he talks to the nuns and starts to feel bad about how they'll never have a " swanky dinner", you see a softer side to him and it made me feel like he's an actual human being with feelings now.

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