Friday, July 27, 2012

#6 Lit Book

The literature textbook so far is just a review of what we've learned in history like when we were in 8th grade. Nothing new I'm reading about. I think I'm improving on my annotating though which is a good thing. I know when it comes to school though, annotating will be hard for me because i'll constantly be wanting to read fast so i can get it over with. Also when reading the books throughout the year for school we have to annotate certain things and info which is hard for me because sometimes i don't know what the right type of thing i should be highlighting or taking note on. Reading the textbook now really makes me want to go back to reading the actual novels that we're supposed to read. I guess when you realize the boring textbook you have to read, it makes you appreciate the good novels you have. But I did find one good quote while reading. It talks about the "brooding romantics" and how their thought process is when writing their horrific tales, "Once the romantics freed from the restrictions of reason, they could follo it where ever it might go." SO it pretty much says they let go of all the rules of literature and just wrote for the sake of themselves. Maybe they were trying to prove something, but we'll never know. We just make things up in the book that we think have some sort of magical meaning.

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