Monday, July 23, 2012

#5 On Writing - "...say shit more often than sugar."

80 pages to go and counting. I didn't realize this book would actually be giving interesting tips On Writing. Ha ha used the book title in their. Anyways at first I thought, "Oh this is just a documentary book." But now he's really getting into each topic of writing. Well not really deep and technical but on a level that we high school students can actually relate to on some level of understanding. He's mentioned how to start a story, dialogue, character description and how to write about them, and symbolism. Mainly when writing he says that you dont have to say every little detail about every little thing. Letting the reader figure out certain situations or traits leaves a understanding between the writer and reader. Now I dont know if this can relate to writing essays or maybe it can when we're not writing research papers and useless biographies. But maybe when we're writing an actual fiction story (if that'll ever happen in school) it leaves us more room for imagination, which we can actually use the advice he's giving us from the book.

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