Friday, July 6, 2012

#3 Catcher in the Rye - "Goddam"

Yay I started reading my second book. Is that really a yay moment? Anyway, I hope I don;t find it difficult to read two books and think that one thing is actually happening in another book and I get all confused and Gahhh! But in this book I can't make comments on the side because my book is tiny, including tiny words and tiny margins. Which doesnt help when I like writing in the margins. So now I use post-its and have to pause everytime I want to not something down. Then I have to stick the post-it somewhere and I get lost. THAT is my difficulty with this book. But the content of the book is quite interesting though. For instance I take note in my jumbled up brain of how he explains different situations. For instance, "He never really broke your heart when he went back to his room." or "... you either froze to death or died of the heat." He explains or better word complains about different situations and uses the oddest one liners there are. What more do I notice??? He says "goddam" alot because of his iliteracy (he even admits to it) and thinks everyone is a phony. I think I'll touch more on the phony topic in the next blog post.

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