Thursday, July 5, 2012

#2 On Writing

This round of reading On Writing I found interest when he talked about his middle and high school years. Particularly when he was started his own newspaper called the The Village Vomit. I really related to this. I mean I haven't started my own newspaper or anything but I really have wanted to start my own fashion magazine, or zine as you call it for shorter magazines. But then at the same time there are those Ms. Margitan people out there that break your dreams and tell you "writing fiction is a waste of your writing skills". These people are just jealous I guess or don't like to see new talent shine.
Quote of the Post:
" John Gould taught me more than any of them, and in no more than 10 minutes."
As I was reading the part when he gets a job at the weekly newspaper, he said the quote above. In school I feel like you're not open to the outside world. Which you need when writing. You need the experiences of life and other people outside of class to critique youir writing. And get new topics besides writing about boring topics that the teacher's probably recycled to the class about a million times. What more can you learn from sitting inside a box?

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