Thursday, June 21, 2012

#1 On Writing... I Don't Know

I have to start with this, On Writing is actually an ok book. I recently found myself reading more biographies this year and this fits right in with the rest of them. Well not right in beacause this is about an old or middle aged man remembering his past memories. While the ones I read before were about the unglamorous life of being in a rockband or the relationship of two artists living together in New York. I've noticed that once I started reading I want to take note of every little detail because my teacher warned us of her tests and how she likes to quiz on tiny details that we probably wont remember. So I have many side notes that probably are not professional or intellectual you might say, but they're weird comments that'll help me remember what that part was about. So I realized two things so far about my book, well not MINE but 1) I want to underline every sentence in it that I see and 2) he likes to say, "I don't know" alot. He emphasizes a lot throughout the first 20 pages that he doesn't remember his child hood as well as other books and says his mind " is a fogged - out landscape from which occassional memories appear like isolated trees..." I think that it's fine he doesnt remember but couldn't you say IDK less to seem atleast a bit more professional or mmaybe he just wants to be on a more relatable level with all his readers. Who knows?

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